Host a Screening

While we are currently in the pre-production phase of two films, Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill, we will eventually look for people to become “Marian Messengers” and help host screenings to promote and bring the film to theaters everywhere.

Will you help?

Please consider hosting a screening. Your efforts CAN and WILL change lives. These films already have enormous “buzz,” but did you know that screenings of similar films have raised well over $200,000 for local charities while simultaneously evangelizing the culture?

Your local charity, ministry, apostolate, parish, or school could be a future beneficiary.

Hosting a screening is a fun, easy process, and we’re working with the same dedicated team who hosted over 300 showings of The Triumph in cities across the globe. We will help you every step of the way, with everything from working with a local theater to selling tickets. If you’re looking for a great fundraiser for any cause, these movie are perfect. You can be instrumental in helping Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill continue to change lives long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

The first step is to contact us and tell us about your interest. Also, please note the city (or cities) where you want to screen the film. Identify a local theater and reach out to the manager.

Please note: in order to host any type of screening–whether it’s intended to charge admission or offer complimentary seating–you or your organization must obtain a screening license from our company to publicly exhibit the film and comply with federal and state copyright laws. You may obtain a site license agreement from one of our team members or purchase licensure as part of an incredible package with DVDs for resale or giveaway (subject to DVD production schedule). Call 617.212.1302 to be connected with a team member (please note, normal business hours are between 8 AM and 6 PM ET, Monday-Saturday.